20 LED Solar Motion Sensor Lamp/Light/Wall Bulb

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Solar Security Lamp [Motion Sensor]

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Automatic lighting system. When any person reaches near the bulb it will automatically turn on, when he/she leaves the coverage area of the sensor the bulb will turn off automatically. 
Highlights: Good Quality, Stylish Design, Portable Design
Bright without frequency change
Solar Panel: 0.55W. 17% efficiency
Li-ion Battery: 3.7V 1200mAH
LED Power: 0.2W/PC x 6PCS(8,10,12PCS)
Night Sensor: <10lux
Motion angle and distance: 120(degree),5m
Delay time: 10s
Switch: OFF/AUTO
Lightning mode:
-High Light
Size: 102x53x130mm
Type: UTRA-Bright
Color: Black
Net Weight: 95g (with box packing)
No.of LEDs: 20


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