Ultimate 7-in-1 Electronic Cleaner Kit - Keyboard, Monitor, AirPods and More

Ultimate 7-in-1 Electronic Cleaner Kit - Keyboard, Monitor, AirPods and More



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Elevate the hygiene of your device with the Ultimate 7-in-1 Electronic Cleaner Kit. This Cleaner set is designed to keep your electronics in excellent conditions for keeping it long lasting. Kit contains: gentle Screen Dust Brush, Soft Sweep cloth, and Swipe pad for screens, as well as specialized items like an AirPod Cleaner Pen and Key Puller. With Spray Bottle [Without Liquid], you can keep your screens in crystal clear conditions. The only vision: longevity of your devices , get the Electronic Cleaner Kit today.

Size: 12.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 CM

Instructions For Use:

When cleaning the screen of digital products such as computers and phablets, spray the surface evenly with cleaning liquid(Only empty spray bottle is provided). Wipe with a clean polishing cloth on the back of a cleaning tool. 

Take off the cleaning pen, open the cleaning head in..half, and expose the nib. The nib is used to clean the stubborn dirt in the gap of the machine, and the small brush is used to clean machine granular dirt.

Open the folding cleaning head in half to expose the flocking sponge, which is used for cleaning dirt stains. 

Take out the key extractor, which is used to remove the key cap of the mechanical keyboard, and clear the depth clean internal stains of keyboard

Nylon brush can be used to clean the surface ash of keyboard, desktop and other objects dust and garbage


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